Sunday, December 19, 2010

Woody & Buster: Grumpy Old Men!

Did you happen to see the movie, Grumpy Old Men? Woody and Buster do a great Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. They hate other dogs, but they hate each other even more!

This is Woody in his new townhome. Note that there is a ramp to the loft, but Woody has not yet mastered that. He is happiest laying on his big cushy puff. He is the "indoor" guy who prefers his bed and his townhome to his yard.

This is Buster. You can see that he is laying in the sunshine in his new play yard. He more of an "outdoor" guy. It helps that our climate is sort of like Tampa, Florida. It went into the low 70s today (Dec. 19) and tomorrow it is supposed to hit 76 degrees! He has a big soft puff like Woody, but he only goes inside his townhome if it is raining. Some nights, he even sleeps in his yard instead of on his puff!

If you look beyond Buster, you can see Woody's townhome and play yard right next door! Some days they will stand at their respective fences and bark menacingly at one another, for old time's sake, I guess.

Woody and Buster were originally used for fighting. They are both older guys now, but you can see all their scars.

They were rescued and sent to a facility where they were supposed to be retrained to lose their aggression toward other dogs. But it turned out to be a kind of scary place, and the rescuers wanted to get them out and get them to a safe, non-demanding place where they could just live out their golden years comfortably.

Buster is telling a squirrel that he has gotten too close to his play yard! I think he enjoys being "grumpy".

Beate and Sylva, the two advocates for these guys, worked as a team to get the dogs here to Smiling Dog Farms. It is difficult to find a rescue to take dogs like Woody and Buster. Smiling Dog Farms' sanctuary program seemed like a perfect fit for these cantankerous old guys.
Because they are so strongly dog aggressive, they really are not candidates for adoption.
They are actually very sweet and gentle with people, and they have become favorites here at the farm. Everyone loves Woody and Buster, our two grumpy old men!
They will live out their days here in the sanctuary, happily barking and grumping at the squirrels and the birds and each other from their yards!

Just like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau!

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Jessica said...

Thank you for taking them in and keeping them safe