Saturday, December 18, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Saturday, Dec 18

We Held Our Own...
Let's Make the Last Day Our BEST!

Please vote TODAY from EVERY COMPUTER you can at
Sunday is the last day for voting. Let's put more votes up than anyone else in the history of this contest!
We are holding firm at .73 Nationally, which puts us in 9th Place among all the rescues in America who chose to compete, regardless of their size!
The team that is in 10th Place behind us is still at .61. It is unlikely they could surge ahead of us on the last day, but we want to make sure we're as strong on the last day as we were on the first!
We only gained .01 on Basenji Rescue today. But we are still 2.42% ahead of them. Still, being #1 in Texas is the only other way for us to win another $1000 prize, so we HAVE to pour on the votes to insure that we stay in 1st Place in Texas... because we need that $1000!

Please make sure you vote for us Sunday, one last time. We will let you know Monday if we won First Place in Texas!

Thank you, Team Smiling Dog
for Making This Possible for Our Dogs!

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