Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can You Help 2 Scared Labs at Victoria?

You can tell how frightened this poor black lab girl is -- she is hiding in the corner! She is an adult lab who weighs 65 lb.
Her friend is also frightened. He is a chocolate lab and weighs 75 lb. He is approximately 1-2 years old.

Both are at the Victoria, Texas animal shelter, which unfortunately is a gassing shelter.
There are two people offering donations to a legitimate 501c3 rescue who will take them. One does not specify the amount, and the other offers $300 for the pair to any rescue which can rehome them.
If you can help these sweet, frightened babies, please contact Chyrl Burris at or by calling (361)920-0055 .
We can help by pulling them and holding them until a transport can be arranged. You can contact us at

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dallasmsl said...

So many beautiful dogs; so few people to help! I wish I could but I have five - the max I'm allowed by my city.