Sunday, December 12, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Challenge Daily Contest Update for Sunday, Dec 12

Still Looking Good...

Please vote TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 6 DAYS! Just go to

I don't think they tabulate on Sundays, because the numbers across the board are unchanged from yesterday. We should see some more gains tomorrow, Monday.

I think we will win the prize this week for most votes in a week. That is $1000.

I think we are now on track to make sure we stay No. 1 in Texas to the end of the contest. That is another $1000.

And I think if we continue to pour on the votes at the end, we will earn a "Dark Horse" prize for a group who has never entered this contest before, but still made a good showing their first time out. Finishing in 9th Place nationally should qualify us for one of those prizes. That is another $1000!

We have a serious chance to get $3000 from this contest, if we keep voting from every computer, every day.

This is the LAST WEEK for this contest. It ends this coming Saturday at midnight, Pacific Time. We need to pour on the votes and not let anyone catch us by surprise!

Please try to find at least ONE new computer to vote from for the rest of the week. If everyone does that, we can double our votes for this week and assure ourselves $3000 in prize money!

Go Team Smiling Dog!

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