Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rocky Wins His Court Battle, and Now He Gets to Go Home!

Rocky got into trouble in his small suburban berg of Desoto, Texas. He got out of his fenced yard and went exploring next door at the neighbor's.

Because Rocky is a bully breed, the neighbors panicked. He was barking at them through their patio door. They did not realize he was just being playful. They called police and animal control and reported Rocky as a danger and a menace!

By the time authorities arrived, Rocky had retreated to his own back yard again.

But a privacy fence was no match for Desoto's finest, who barged into the yard and confiscated poor, frightened Rocky and hauled him off to the town Animal Shelter.

With no evidence to support their charges, Rocky was declared a dangerous dog and a menace to the good people of Desoto and ordered out of the city limits. His mom, Sandra, was told that she could appeal their arrogant decision, but that Rocky absolutely could not stay with her, even if she kept him indoors.

Sandra is a single mom, just struggling to get by. She had no money for boarding and had no family who could take Rocky.

Fortunately, she found Smiling Dog Farms. We invited Rocky to stay here at the farm until the whole mess could be straightened out.

When Rocky arrived, he was afraid of everything! He had to be one of the most timid dogs we had ever met. It took Rocky awhile to get accustomed to us and to allow us to be near him.

As you can see from this photo of Rocky with Ricky, Rocky has learned to trust us in the several weeks he has been here. He will now let us love on him!

Fortunately, Sandra found an attorney who volunteered to represent Rocky in his appeal against the city. Rocky's attorney got the citation dismissed this past Wednesday, so now Rocky can go home for Christmas!

Rocky will not be allowed in his fenced back yard alone any more. Sandra will take him out on a lead and then bring him back into the house. The worry is that the police and animal control in Desoto will be "gunning" for Rocky, since he beat their trumped up charges.

Our advice to Sandra is to move from Desoto as fast as she can. There must be a community in Dallas-Fort Worth that is more dog-friendly and family-friendly than Desoto!

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