Monday, December 13, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Monday, Dec 13

Team Smiling Dog :
Something is VERY Wrong Here

Please vote TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 6 DAYS! Just go to

You have really done your part this past week. We have gained in Texas once again, up .06% from the weekend to 1.82 today. We have now gained on Basenji Rescue every day for a week. We are up .21% over last week in Texas. Way to go, Team Smiling Dog!

Furthermore, we have maintained our position of .70 nationally every day, all week long. We never once dropped. And since we gained in Texas, we know that we had more votes coming in each day.

And while we were holding firm at .70, the Cat Rescue at #10 was holding at .63 nationally each day. In fact, today they have actually dropped .01 to .62, while we have held firm, so we have actually increased our lead over them as of today.

Now if I am just too stupid to follow the logic here, someone please inform me of my error.

But if WE are holding steady at .70 all week and #10 Cat Group is holding at .63 all week, how could they be getting MORE votes than us?

Granted, they make it much harder than IAMS to figure out how many actual votes you collect every day because they report only in percentages.

But let's assume we each got the exact, same number of votes all last week. For the sake of argument, say 100 votes. Those 100 votes would represent MORE of a percentage increase to them than to us because they are BEHIND us. Does that make sense?

So for them to get MORE VOTES THAN SMILING DOG FARMS, their percentage should have moved upward. But it didn't.

If you think about it, they stayed at .63 and we stayed at .70. What that means is that their RAW VOTES had to be LESS than ours every day, since it takes fewer votes to support .63 than it does .70.

We did not go backwards last week. We moved up in Texas -- our percentage increased by .21% over the course of the week, and we maintained our .70 percent nationally.

So can somebody please tell me how #10 Cat Rescue wins the $1000 prize for the most votes this past week?????

What am I missing here?

This is the last week of this contest. There is only one more chance to win $1000 for most votes in a week. Everyone above us and now two below us has already won and cannot win again.

What obscure group will come out on top next week, to ensure that we do not win that prize again?

If you read the 11 winners of that weekly prize, you will find everyone in the Top 10 plus The Basenji Rescue EXCEPT US!!!

Are you mad yet, Team Smiling Dog?

We have to DELUGE them in votes, more than anyone gets, even the $43 Million Dollar man. We have to find computers we didn't even know existed to vote on this week. We have to talk to people we don't even know, people we don't even like to get them to PLEASE vote for us this week. It is our last chance to win this $1000.

Frankly, since we have been pushed out of winning the weekly prize, I seriously doubt they will award us the Dark Horse prize, even though NO OTHER TEAM deserves it more that you guys!

There is no clear criteria for the Dark Horse prizes, so I think it is safe to say that one is off the table.

We have to FORCE them to award us the two remaining prizes by dropping more votes on them this week than they have ever seen before. They need to see to strength of Team Smiling Dog... especially when they rile us!

Don't just get mad... Get Even!

Go find some extra votes today... and tomorrow.... and each day for the rest of the week and FORCE them to award us the $1000 for most weekly votes, as well as the $1000 prize for #1 in Texas.

And let's make them look lame if they DONT award us a Dark Horse prize... because YOU have EARNED it, Team Smiling Dog!

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