Monday, December 6, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update

We CAN Win $1000 With Your Help!

Please vote for us TODAY and EVERY DAY for the next 12 DAYS from every computer to which you have access! Just go to

This contest is coming to a close... just 12 days left!

We cannot win the big prize money for first or second place. But we can win $1000 for having the most votes this week! How so?

Every group who is ahead of us has already won $1000 for the most votes in a week. They are disqualified from winning again!

How did Basenji Rescue win this week when we are ahead of them in the standings? Because they got more votes than us this past week. We still have more votes than them, overall, but every week for almost two months they have been nibbling away at our lead. As of today, we are just 1.61% ahead of them. Keep in mind that at our highest level, we were 2.43% ahead of them!

So here is what it all boils down to: If we can get the high vote totals we used to get back at the beginning of this contest, we will win $1000. This is within our grasp. We can really, actually do this. The guys with the huge "machines" behind them cannot win this prize again, so we should be next in line to win!

Please help us.

It will not cost anything but a few seconds of your time to go to their site and vote.

The second way we can win $1000 is to capture one of the 8 "Dark Horse" prizes. Those are for groups who have not competed before and did exceptionally well, even though they may not have won. For us to place 9th nationally against giants like Best Friends is nothing short of amazing!

We need to "get out the vote" these final 12 days so that we still look competitive to the judges for the Dark Horse prizes, and that we don't just look like we gave up.

We have dropped from a high of .76 all the way down to .70 which is where we are today.

Please help us with these $1000 prizes.

Goal for tomorrow: .72

Goal for lead over Basenji Rescue: 1.70

Go Team Smiling Dog!

We can win these $1000 prizes!

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