Friday, December 10, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Challenge Daily Contest Update for Friday, Dec 10

Still Gaining! 3 Days in a Row!

Go Team Smiling Dog!

Please vote TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 9 DAYS! Just go to
We have increased our lead over the Basenji Rescue to 1.75%! That is .04% more than our lead from yesterday. This means that we are steadily piling up more votes than them each day.

That bodes well for us winning the $1000 weekly prize for most votes in a single week. Everyone who is ahead of us has already won this prize, and so they cannot win it again. Even Basenji Rescue has won it, so they cannot win again either. We are looking good to win this prize this week!

And as long as we stay on top in Texas and continue to expand our lead each day, that is another $1000 prize we can count on.

And if we keep coming on strong for the next nine days, I think we have a very good chance of winning one of the eight "Dark Horse" prizes for $1000. These prizes are awarded to a new group which has not competed before and did surprisingly well for a newcomer. Landing in 9th Place nationally should certainly qualify us for that prize, too!

We are heading into the weekend, so let's not lose momentum! Please find ways to vote from new computers over the weekend -- maybe your neighbor will let you vote from their computer in addition to your own.

We are still at .70 nationally. Although we have not gone up, more importantly, we have not gone down. The guys in 10th Place are still at .63. Everyone seems to be locked in place nationally, and as long as we put on a full-court press for these last nine days, we will hold on to 9th Place in the national competition.

Remember... you can vote from as many computers as you have access to... You can't vote more than once from any computer. But you can vote from your iPhone and your laptop and that computer you put away in the attic when you got a new one! Your friends, your family can all vote from their computer.

It only takes 30 seconds -- literally -- to vote! Each day, for the next 9 Days, just go to the link above and your computer will already be registered, so all you do is vote for Smiling Dog Farms, confirm the animal's picture, and you are done!

Thank you, everyone, for coming back and helping us try to win the $3000 that is within our grasp!

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