Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Luna's Big Weekend!

This is Luna and Hailey. Hailey brought Luna to live at Smiling Dog Farms about six months ago.

Luna has issues with other dogs. She just doesn't like them, and -- given the opportunity -- will go after them! Hailey and Luna lived in a neighborhood in California where there were lots of dogs and Luna kept getting into trouble.

Sadly, Luna could not continue to live with Hailey for her own protection. It is just a matter of time before a dog-aggressive girl like Luna will get into a fight and Animal Control will intervene. At that point, Luna could lose her life, if Animal Control decides she is the aggressor.
And so Hailey made the hard decision to bring Luna to live at the farm. Hailey said that the thing she liked about Luna living here is that Luna can be who she is. Another of our families once said that Smiling Dog Farms is a place where a dog can be a dog! And I guess that is true for Luna.

Luna has adjusted well to her new life at the farm. And this past weekend, Hailey took advantage of our Weekend Adventure program to return and spend the weekend with Luna!

You can see from these photos we took how excited Luna is! Hailey looks pretty happy, too!
It turned out to be a wonderful weekend for Hailey and Luna. Hailey flew in from California and rented a car at the airport. She picked up Luna Friday afternoon and checked into the Tee Pee Motel in Wharton.
After spending the night in the bed, Luna and Hailey were off to Galveston and the beach on Saturday! Luna got a bath from Hailey Saturday night, after frolicking in the salty Gulf waters. And another night in the bed with Hailey!
Sunday Luna and Hailey went to Brazos Park in Fort Bend County and walked the trails.

Weekends like this one always end too soon, and Sunday afternoon Hailey returned Luna to the farm. Luna had lots of stories to tell about her big adventure, and Luna is marking her calendar for the next time Hailey returns to spend a weekend with her!
We were really happy that Hailey was able to return to the farm and spend some time with Luna. Our dogs really enjoy these outings. We encourage families who have sent their dogs here to check them out and spend a day or a weekend or a whole week with them!

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