Friday, December 10, 2010

Hattie Is on Her Way Home to South Carolina

Hattie came from BARC, the Houston animal shelter. Like so many other seniors, she had not been adopted and had not been selected by a Rescue. She had run out the clock, and would have been put down if she had not come to Smiling Dog Farms.
As awful as that sounds, please don't blame the folks at BARC. They don't want to put down dogs, and they work really hard to avoid it. But like shelters everywhere, every day they have a new batch of dogs come washing into the shelter, like waves at the seashore. There is only so much space at any shelter, and when a dog has had their allotted time, there is no choice for a shelter which must accommodate the newest arrivals, too.

Luckily, BARC contacted us about Hattie and we agreed that she could come here. In fact, I wrote about her right here in the Smiling Dog Daily News the same day we agreed to take her. Within 15 minutes of publishing her story, we had a request to adopt her!

Unfortunately, that did not work out because Hattie has some mobility issues and the potential adopter lived in a second floor home, which would have required Hattie to navigate a full set of stairs getting in and out of her new home.

Within just a few days of sharing that story here, we had another adopter for Hattie, this one without the long set of stairs to get in and out of the house.

Hattie's new mom came to pick her up on Thursday, and she is on her way to her new home in South Carolina!

I think these photos of Hattie reveal that while her body is older, she still has the spirit of a pup and an adventuresome soul! Hattie is up for anything, and you can see her sitting in Dione's car, ready for her journey home!

We are happy for Hattie that she has found a home where she will be valued and loved for however much time she has left!

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Cindy Fearon, RYT/LMT said...

so good to hear hattie has found her forever home. with so many dogs that don't make it, it's so very wonderful to hear about those who do. thank you for what you do.