Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Martin and Lewis Team Up Once Again!

That's Martin on the left. He's the tall good looking one. And that's Lewis on the right. He's the funny one! These guys were doing their stand up act at the Wharton City Animal Shelter, when they learned that they had overstayed their welcome and were on the short list to be euthed!

Local rescuer Amy Lewing put out the word that these two funny guys were on the ropes and needed some help right away!

A number of rescue ladies formed a group and posted them all over Texas and the United States, looking for a rescue to step up and take them into their program.

But no one was buying their act. They had no where to go and were on the verge of being permanently cancelled as a comedy routine!

Then the group working to save this team asked Smiling Dog Farms if they could book thier act at the farm for an indefinite engagement! And Ricky and Jay said "yes"!

Martin (on the right) and Lewis (on the left) are seen here goofing around with a rope tug-toy, entertaining the standing-room only crowds at the farm.

Everyone finds them wildly entertaining, and they are happy to have a fresh start in their flagging career!

Martin and Lewis are both part of Smiling Dog Farms adoption program, and the goal is for each to find his own way to a family where he can be a successful solo act!

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