Sunday, December 19, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Sunday, Dec 19

We Have Slipped Today!

Please vote TODAY - SUNDAY - from EVERY COMPUTER you can up until 3:00 AM Eastern, 2:00 AM Central, 1:00 AM Mountain, Midnight Pacific at

I am posting this at 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. We have exactly SEVEN HOURS left in this contest!

Between yesterday and today, we have slipped down from .73 nationally to .72! We need to find people to vote for us in the next seven hours to push us back to .73 or MORE when all the votes are finally counted.

Our lead over Basenji Rescue in Texas did not change. We are still 2.42% ahead of them.

Team Smiling Dog -- We Can't Take a Chance on Basenji Rescue dumping in a ton of votes just before 2 am here in Texas, midnight Pacific, and squeezing ahead of us to win the $1000 prize for Number 1 in Texas!

We have to find some votes to throw at this contest NOW, tonight, before voting ends!

Please don't take winning First Place in Texas for granted. Basenji Rescue is a seasoned competitor in these contests. They could be holding their votes until the very end, just before the contest ends, to catch us off guard!

That's why we MUST find some votes -- LOTS of votes -- between now and midnight Pacific (2 am Central here in Texas).

Please give it your best shot. If everyone could just find ONE new vote... one person who still has not voted from their computer today... we can lock up this $1000 prize!

Go Team Smiling Dog!
Let's Get the Most Votes Between Now and Contest's End!

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