Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holliday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Wed, Dec 8

Progress! Go Team Smiling Dog!

Please VOTE for us TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 11 DAYS! Go to

We advanced on the Basenji Rescue yesterday, for the first time in two months! Yesterday, our lead of them was 1.61%... today our lead is 1.64%! That is .03% in a single day!

Way to go Team Smiling Dog!

We are still holding at .70 nationally and the team behind us is holding at .63. We are still in 9th Place throughout the entire USA!

We have a real chance to win TWO $1000 Prizes...

One will be for the most votes in a week. Because the other teams ahead of us -- and even the Basenji Rescue behind us -- have already won this weekly prize, they cannot win again. So we have a excellent chance to be the winners this week, if we keep pushing in the votes!

The other way we can still win $1000 is one of the eight "Dark Horse" prizes, which are given to a group which has not competed before and which showed surprising strength, even though they did not win first, second or third. This is our first time competing in this contest, and we soared all the way to 9th Place nationally against some huge, well-financed groups like Best Friends.

If we can come on really strong these last 11 days, we have an excellent chance at winning a Dark Horse prize as well!

Let's see if we can put more distance between us and Basenji Rescue tomorrow... and let's try to pick up at least .01 nationally.

Today's Goals - Distance Ahead of Basenji Rescue... 1.67, and .71 nationally!

Go Team Smiling Dog!

We can DO this!!

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