Saturday, December 11, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Challenge Daily Contest Update for Saturday, Dec 11

Still Inching Upward... Four Days in a Row!

Please vote TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 8 DAYS! Just go to
We picked up .01% on Basenji Rescue again today. We now lead them by 1.76%. We have increased our lead every day for four days in a row now! We have gone from a lead of 1.61 to 1.76 in less than a week!

Way to go Team Smiling Dog!

We are still holding firm at .70 nationally which keeps us solidly in 9th Place. The guys behind us in 10th Place continue to hold at .63.

And as long as we increase our lead over Basenji Rescue, we will hang on to 9th Place Nationally and 1st Place in Texas.

We need to pour on the votes over the weekend and get a LOT of points up on the board.
We are down to the last week of this contest. If we can come on strong at the end, we should not only win a $1000 weekly prize for most votes, but also $1000 for being #1 in Texas and $1000 for "Dark Horse" -- a group which had not previously entered the contest and did exceptionally well in their first time out. And I think that describes us climbing to 9th Place nationally in our first time out!

I have heard from others who have done this contest before that sometimes groups will pull out all the stops on for the last day of the competition to "surprise" their competitors.

Let's not get caught by surprise. Let's try to DOUBLE the votes we have been delivering for this last week of the contest.

Please try to find one more computer to get voting for us this last week.

Thank you, Team Smiling Dog, for all you have done to get us this far!

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