Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Wednesday, Dec 15

You Did It!!!!!!!!!

We won the weekly prize for most votes in week 12! That is a $1000 prize for Smiling Dog Farms! Thanks to every one of YOU! They just announced it today!

Please vote TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 4 DAYS! Just go to

Congratulations Team Smiling Dog!

Not only did we win $1000 thanks to your dilligent effort, but we moved up another notch to .72 nationally, from .71 yesterday and .70 the day before that! This is an amazing feat, up against the players we are competing against!

The SBU Cat Network remained at .62, so we have widened the gap over them yet again!

And in Texas, the news just gets better! We are still Number 1... and we are now ahead of Basenji Rescue by 2.18% That is an increase of .22 in a single day!

You have really come through for us, one more time, Team Smiling Dog. You really put us up on the board and demonstrated the strength of our team members!

I do have to report that Ricky read the Dark Horse rules more closely and discovered that it is reserved only for those who have not won any other prize. Since we have now won a weekly prize, we are no longer eligible.

However, we can still win a second $1000 prize for being No. 1 in Texas.

We don't want to stop now. We want to keep the votes piling up every day to ensure that no one can sandbag us on the last day of voting and scoot ahead of us in Texas!

This has really been a great day for us!

Thank You, Team Smiling Dog!

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