Friday, December 17, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Friday, Dec 17

Team Smiling Dog -
You Guys Are Amazing!

Please vote TODAY and EVERY DAY from EVERY COMPUTER to which you have access for the next 2 DAYS! Just go to
You pushed us up another .01 today to .73 Nationally! The Cat Rescue at #10, right behind us, lost another .01 and are down to .61.
Thanks to you, we look really solid to finish the contest in 9th Place Nationally. Considering the competition we faced, that is an amazing feat!
And once again we put more distance between us and the #2 Basenji Rescue in Texas. Today, we are 2.41% ahead of them. That is a gain of .08 in a single day.
We want to keep pouring on the votes Saturday and Sunday for a strong finish, just to ensure we retain 1st Place in Texas for another $1000 prize!
Thank you for helping us win $1000
and for being positioned to win another $1000

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