Monday, November 1, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Update for Monday, Nov 1

Wish I Had Better News to Report!
Please vote today and every day from every computer you have access to! And please sign up ONE NEW VOTER ... who can then sign up one new voter... who will sign up a new voter... etc.
If there is any chance for us to win, that is how it will happen. Just click on this link to vote:

We are stuck. We are still sitting at .74% of the vote. Our high water mark was .76% a week ago. We have dropped .02% in a week!

While we are dropping, the $43 Million Dollar Man is still gaining. Up to 1.95% of the vote today. They have gained .02% in this past week, as we have lost .02% so the space between us is .04% more today than it was a week ago!

If you are not depressed enough yet, there is even worse news. Basenji Rescue of Texas is coming back strong and gaining on us every day for a week now! Just a week ago, the difference between them and us was 2.43%. The difference is now just 2.15%. We slipped another .07% just since Saturday! They have closed the gap between us by .28% in a single week!

That is the kind of stuff WE used to do!

We are still in 8th Place Nationally, but we cannot maintain that -- much less move forward -- without a whole lot of new votes and voters coming on board!

Our existing voter base is still voting daily. If they weren't we could not keep our total at .74%

But we need to add new votes daily to match Basenji Rescue... or they will soon overtake us and we may even fall out of the Top 10!

We need your vote... and we need you to go looking for new voters to add daily!

If you are not currently receiving these daily reminders directly from me and would like to be added to my database, please email me directly at

Sutherlands Home and Garden where we buy materials for building housing is voting daily from their six computers. Maybe you have vendors you deal with who would not mind taking a moment to vote from their business computers every day!

Let's Get Fired Up,
Team Smiling Dog!
Let's make our goal for tomorrow to be at .75% and moving UP!

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