Monday, November 1, 2010

Jane Goes to Austin in Search of a Family!

Meet Jane. She came to the farm as a stray from a local family in Wharton.

On Friday, Doug drove her up to Houston to meet Deana, one of Smiling Dog Farms' Board Members who does many transports for us, as well.

Jane was Deana's house guest overnight, and on Saturday, Deana loaded her into the car and headed toward Austin.

Jane is now with Jennie, our Austin Adoption Partner. Jennie reports that Jane gets along well with the other dogs in her home. She also reports that Jane knows how to jump over the baby gate and scale the coffee table! lol

That said, Jane has been a good girl and has not had any accidents in the house!

Jennie is one of our valued Adoption Partners who take our dogs into their homes (or one of their fosters' homes) and just like My Fair Lady, teach our dogs the social graces -- like not to poop on the carpet or chew up the TV remote. This is an important step for our babies who live at the farm in their play yards on "dog rules". They need to learn how to behave with a family so that they will succeed in their adoptive placements.

Julie from Annie's Angels in Missouri City has been our Houston Adoption Partner since we began our adoption program in 2008. She is responsible for countless adoptable dogs from the farm finding loving families. Julie did the homestudy for Ella (see below).

And we are excited to have Elizabeth in Waller County coming on board as our newest Adoption Partner.

Our Adoption Partners are the backbone of our adoption program. They find good homes for our babies, and give adoptable dogs the opportunity to have families of their own. Our adoption partners ensure that our dogs find quality homes with families who will care for them and love them -- so they won't end up back at a shelter somewhere! My favorite part is when we get pictures and stories from the adopting families telling us how they are doing in their new homes!

We would like to have more Adoption Partners to help us place our adoptable dogs. If your rescue would consider partnering with us to help us find homes for our adoptable dogs, please contact me at or call me at 979-559-1062. You don't have to be in or near Houston, or even Texas. We can arrange transports for dogs to travel back and forth between us. We would like to have an Adoption Partner in every major American city!

More News from the Farm...

Ella's transport is set for her to arrive at her new home with Tammy in New Hampshire on the 20th of November, just in time for Thanksgiving! Ella will have a lot to be thankful for this year! She will have her new family and will spend Thanksgiving Day in a cozy, warm New England home, enjoying her own turkey dinner! Thank you Tammy! And thank you Julie and Annie's Angels and Ed and Shauna and Pets In Need in Dracut, Massachusetts for making this adoption possible!

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