Friday, November 26, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Friday, Nov 26

Are We Still Doing This Contest?
The reason I ask is that we have been going backwards instead of forward for a couple weeks, now! PLEASE... don't let us slip out of the Top Ten!!! Please vote from every computer you have access to. It only takes seconds. Here is the link:

We have now dropped to .71... from a high water mark of .76! We have lost .05 points in two weeks!

We have only two ways to win anything at this point. One is to be the highest vote getter in a single week. Of course the guys ahead of us get more votes than us. But once you have won that weekly category, you cannot win again. So as they work their way down from first to ninth, we should be able to win that category IF we get our engines revved up and start producing votes in large numbers once again.

It should have been "our turn" finally to win that prize last week... but it skipped right over us, because we are not putting up the votes we once did! That is $1000 which we can win IF we can be the highest vote getter from the teams remaining who have not already won.

The only other way for us to win anything is to win a "dark horse" prize. That means a team that has not been in competition before and did very well for their first time out. Normally, that would describe us. That is another $1000 prize.

But we seem to be losing all our momemtum and we can't even hold our percentage of the vote... we have gone steadily backwards for two weeks. That means we are not getting as many votes NOW as we did a month ago!

Where is every body?

Realistically, it is not likely we are going to overtake Best Friends with all their resources. They are up another .01 to 1.98. They are unstoppable. Not even the second place team can overtake them.

We have been as high as 8th. The guys who walked past us into 8th place are now at .95 -- to our .71... they just keep opening up the gap between us... just to reclaim 8th place, we have to jump .25 points!

And the Basenji Rescue is still whittling away at our lead over them. The distance is now only 1.81, compared to 1.89 just a few days ago. There are enough days left in this contest for them to overtake us and bump us out of the Top Ten.

That would REALLY be embarrassing. To get into the Top Ten... and then just slowly slide backward until we hit rock bottom.

We need to take the opportunity of the Thanksgiving Weekend, when everyone is busy with other things, to make up some ground!

We can do this. We can certainly be the top vote getter for one week. We can win one of the Dark Horse prizes. Let's get our momentum back and get our votes up every day, from every computer you have access to.

Let's put some distance between us and Basenji Rescue so we will stay in the Top Ten.

Let's increase our percentage from .71 to .72 tomorrow and .73 the next day... etc.

We can't quit now! Let's win that $1000 prize for weekly highest vote getter!

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