Monday, November 8, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Monday, Nov 8

At Risk of Dropping to 9th Place... Maybe as Early as Tomorrow!
Please be sure to vote today and every day from every computer you have access to... now more than ever! And please try to find some NEW voters every day. To vote, just click on

The guys in 9th place are now just .01% behind us... they are at .73!

We have dropped back to .74 once again. We have been as high as .76, but we keep sliding backward.

The guys in 7th place, just ahead of us, are all the way up to .90... we now need .17% to move ahead of them. But they have been increasing the distance between us and them steadily every day.

And then there is the Basenji Rescue in Garland. They have closed the gap between us to only 2.04%. At our high water mark, we had a lead of 2.43% over them.

And the $43 Million Dollar Man is holding steady at 1.96... no evidence of any weakening there!

I think our team is still trying their best. We just don't seem to have the sheer numbers on our side.

I am open to ideas to share in this forum. If you can think of something we can do that we are not already doing, I will be glad to report in these contest updates!

If you are not receiving these posts from me and would like to be added to my list, please contact me at

Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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