Thursday, November 4, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Thursday, Nov 4

Mixed Bag - Some Up, Some Down

Please vote every day from every computer you have access to! And please help us get NEW voters every day! Not just to vote, but to find NEW voters themselves! To vote, click on:

On the good news side, we have shored up our position with Basenji Rescue in Texas. For the first time in a week and a half, we are slightly more ahead of them. Monday, the spread between us had shrunk to just 2.15%. Today that distance is 2.18%. It is a gain of .03% since Monday, so that is very good news.

And we have moved up .01% nationally and are back to .75%, after having slipped to .74% for several days.

Unfortnately, that is the only good news I have to report!

The guys in 7th place keep opening up the distance between us and them. Today, they are at .88%. On Monday, they were .86%. It will now take us a gain of .14% to overtake them. That number has been steadily growing for two weeks!

There is now a scarier prospect than even that. Number 9 has moved up to .67 from .65 on Monday! Even though we are up by .01, they are up by .02... so they have closed the gap a little bit! They just need .09 to move ahead of us!

And 10th place is keeping pace. They moved up from .64 on Monday to .66 today!

So we are further from the guy in front of us than the two guys behind us! That is not a good place to be in.

And The $43 Million Dollar Man just keeps increasing their lead. Today they are posting 1.96%, up another .01 from Monday.

We have about 45 Days to close the gap and pick up 1.22%! That is what it takes to win $10,000. And the guys in second place are at 1.53% today, up from 1.51 on Oct 28. Second place only pays $5000, but we need to pick up .79% to make that!

We have to bring in more votes than we have been getting.

We need to pick up .03% every single day above and beyond what we have been getting to overtake first place. In practical terms, that means we need four times as many votes as we normally get in a day.

I have spoken about Sutherlands in El Campo where we buy building materials for dog housing. They are voting for us every day from all six computers in their store. Do any of you have relationships with businesses that have multiple computers who might do the same?

If you have ideas for increasing our daily vote... If you have tried something that has worked... please email me so that I can share it in our daily Contest Update for others to try as well!

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Let's Shoot for .79% of the vote tomorrow!

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