Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update on Hattie, the Elderly Lab

Yesterday, I introduced you to Hattie, the elderly black lab who came to us from Houston's BARC. Like many elderly shelter dogs, she had run out of time and had not been adopted. We agreed that she could come live out her days at the farm, where she would be safe. And we promised to look for an adoptive home for her.
The Good News: Within 15 minutes of posting the blog yesterday, we had someone interested in adopting Hattie! It is a dog-savvy person who is sensitive to the needs of an elderly dog, and would be an excellent home for sweet Hattie.
The Bad News: The only qualification was that Hattie had to able to climb stairs, because our adopter lives on the second floor and Hattie would have to be able to navigate the stairs. Today, Doug gave Hattie the "stair test" at the farm, and unfortunately, she failed. Hattie cannot go up and down stairs.
We have some other elderly dogs we are going to introduce to our prospective adopter to see if they might be fortunate enough to find a home with her.
But we need to find a family for Hattie who has a single floor home, because Hattie is just not able to do stairs comfortably.
We are also going to start her on Flaxseed Oil, in hopes that it may help her move a little easier. It is a holistic nuitritional supplement with many positive uses.

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