Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Elderly Girl Finds Refuge at the Farm

This is Hattie. She came to us from BARC, Houston's animal shelter. You can tell by looking at her that she is an older girl.

But she is heartworm negative and she is a well mannered girl, who does not have an aggressive bone in her ancient body!

Hattie is a big girl, but she loves to lay next to you on the sofa, and will even sneak part of her up on your lap if you let her!

Like most seniors, it is hard to say how much time she has left. A rescue in Mississippi once sent us an elderly hound dog named Lester. He was coming to the farm to live out his final days. Everyone figured he had a few weeks, maybe a few months left. But Lester surprised everyone and lived for another three and a half YEARS! And he enjoyed every day he had!

We don't know how much time sweeet Hattie has left, but we do know that she deserves to spend that time with a family who will love her and value her!

If you know someone who might have the space in their heart and their home for a special older girl like Hattie, please have them contact us at .

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