Saturday, November 27, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Saturday, Nov 27

We Are In Free-Fall! Help!

Every day it seems the news just gets worse! PLEASE!! We desperately need your vote TODAY and every day until Dec 16... from every computer you have access to... just go to

We are past the point of voting to win prizes... We are now voting to regain our self-respect!

Although we are still in 9th Place nationally, we did not gain at all. We are still at .71. The team in 8th Place is up .01 to .96. You can do the math on that.

The $43 Million Dollar Man still sits astride the entire contest with 1.98, and there is no one to challenge them. They will win. Second Place has no chance to beat them.

The ONLY good news (if you can call it that) is that the guys behind us in 10th Place are stuck at .64.... BUT....

The Basenji Rescue is still gaining on us! The ultimate embarrassment would be for us to get passed by Basehji Rescue after we already passed them early in the contest! The difference in just one day has gone from 1.81 to 1.78... they picked up .03 on us in a single day!

The Villalobos Rescue who bumped us out of 8th Place is now up to 6th Place, having passed the two groups ahead of us as well. (Like the $43 Million Dollar Man, they are pretty well "wired"... they have Animal Planet doing a benefit for them where $1 is donated for every viewer on a certain night!)

I hold no illusions about winning this contest. That is not in the cards. We can win $1000 for the highest votes in a week (when everyone ahead of us has already won this, so cannot win again) and we can win $1000 as one of the eight Dark Horse groups.

But what we MUST win is our self respect!

I can handle not winning against really big players. I cannot handle us folding our hands and walking away and slipping out of the Top Ten!

There are 19 DAYS LEFT in this contest. We need to pour on EVERYTHING WE HAVE to keep our 9th Place position right through the end, and win those two $1000 prizes that are within our grasp.

We need to focus on what we CAN do, and not what we can't.

We need to make sure we win the prize this coming week for "most votes in a single week" (that is MORE than attainable, becuase the big guys have already won that and cannot win it again!)... not just for the $1000 but for our self respect!

And if we make a strong showing at the end -- as we did at the beginning -- we CAN win one of the eight Dark Horse awards for $1000!

There is $2000 on the table that we actually can win!

We need to pour it on so that we start putting distance between us and the Basenji Rescue... no more dropping!! We MUST start gaining on them again. That will keep us strong competitors and insure that we hold 9th Place Nationally through the end of the contest.

Weekends are notoriously slow on these contests. This is a golden opportunity for us to get out in front of Basenji Rescue and stay No. 1 in Texas.

Come on, Team Smiling Dog. We need you to get motivated. We are in the fourth quarter. We can still come out of this contest looking good, capturing 9th Place Nationally against some of the biggest rescue groups in the nation!

Tomorrow's Goal: .72 Nationally, and a spread of 1.82 over Basenji Rescue

We can do this, Team Smiling Dog!

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