Friday, November 19, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Challenge Daily Contest Update Friday, Nov 19

We Have Get Motivated, Team Smiling Dog!

Please vote from every computer you have access to every day. Just go to this link:

We are losing ground on every front in this contest.

Our number has now dropped from a high of .77 to only .72. The team in 8th Place is way ahead of us now, at .89! Luckily, the guys behind us are "stuck" as well at .66.

The 43 Million Dollar Man stilll dominates the whole contest, up a notch to 1.97.

We are still No. 1 in Texas, but the news there is really not good either. The distance between us and second place Basenji Rescue is BELOW 2.00 for the first time since early October! They are now just 1.97 behind us!

We can blame me for not getting a daily blog out for a week. Try as I might, I keep running out of day before I get my blog posted. We have had one issue after another to deal with this past week, which got placed ahead of the blog on priority.

But we are, after all, a team. And when I cannot get out a blog, I need you guys to come along beside me and get the word out as best you can that we still have a month left in this contest and we need to get our votes on the board every day.

Please remember to vote today... and Saturday and Sunday... and please keep trying to find some new voters every day. If nothing else, let's at least reclaim 8th Place! There is no prize money, just our own sense of satisfaction from retaking 8th Place.

We can do this!

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