Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Wed, Nov 10

Better Than Yesterday!

Please be sure to vote from every computer you have access to! And please try to find some new voters who will vote daily. Maybe a church youth group who will take us on as a project? Or a school class or extra-curricular activity? Or a business where you trade, like Sutherland's in El Campo where we buy building materials for the dogs' townhomes and play yards.

If you get a group or a business to agree to vote for us daily, let me know so that I can acknowledge them here!

To vote, just click on:

Today, we gained some ground on the Basenj Rescue in Texas, picking up .07%. We are now 2.11% ahead of them! Great Job Team!

We did not move up from .74%, but we did not slip back any further. The guys who moved ahead of us into 8th place are only at .75%. We only need .02% to move back ahead of them!

We Can Do This! TODAY!

Let's try to be back in 8th Place again tomorrow with .76%!

The $43,000,000 Man is still in first with 1.96. They have not moved up for a week, but neither have they lost any ground.

Our immediate goal is to get back into 8th Place, then chase after 7th!

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