Thursday, November 11, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Thursday, Nov 11

We Are Slipping Nationally, But Gaining in Texas

Please be sure to vote from every computer you have access to today and every day. And please try to find some NEW voters who will vote every day. Just click on

We are losing ground nationally to Villalobos. Yesterday they were at .75. Today they are at .77! They gained .02 in a single day.

We stood still. We have .74 today, just as we did yesterday. So instead of getting ahead of them and regaining 8th Place, we lost ground and now we will need .04 to get ahead of them -- if they don't continue to climb!

The $43 Million Dollar Man continues to dominate the contest at 1.96% with no signs of dropping backward.

The only good news on the national scene is that the poor souls behind us in tenth place dropped .01 from yesterday, so now they are back at .66.

Our only good news is that we have opened up the distance between us and the Basenji Rescue in Texas. Today we are 2.20% ahead of them. Yesterday it was a lead of 2.11%

If you have some ideas for how we can increase the number of new voters every day, please share them with me. If you can get a school group, a church group, a business in your area to start voting daily for us, let me know so that I can recognize them in this news article!

I'd like to think we have it in us to climb back into 8th Place and work our way ahead of Villalobos once again! Let's make that our goal for tomorrow!

Please... just find one new voter today, somehow, somewhere

If everyone could do that today, we could surge past Villalobos and reclaim 8th place!

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