Friday, November 19, 2010

We Need Your Help Getting Out The Word!

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I need you to be our Press Secretary for a day!

Our friend, Lance, has been doing Second Life benefits for Smiling Dog Farms in memory of Lucas, a very special older guy who came to us from Los Angeles to live out his golden years. This will be the fourth year that Lance and Second Life have helped us with this major fundraiser. They are amazing people!

Can you do this for us? Will you please send the press release, below, to the newspapers, bloggers and radio stations in your city? We have rescue friends all across America. We need everyone we know to be our Press Secretary for a day, and get out these press releases to as many people as you can!

A really good resource would be the "alternative" news media. Every large city has, in addition to the daily papers, the avant garde tabloids and magazines that cover the things big city papers ignore. These are the best way to reach potential listeners in your city. If you pick up a copy, it will give you the phone and email address for that publication.

But be sure to go to radio stations and daily newspapers, too!

The event is NEXT WEEKEND... the weekend after Thanksgiving... so this week is the optimal time to get our press release published. Please contact the alternative media immediately, because they will be coming up on their deadlines for next week's publication. Most publish on Friday or Saturday, so the timing will be perfect.

And then find local bloggers who may be willing to help us. If you send the initial press release this weekend, please follow up with the bloggers next Friday... and maybe even Saturday, also, to keep reminding people in their blogs.

Finally, please send the web link to everyone you know on Facebook... let's try to stir up some real interest in this project!

I am the first to admit I am computer-challenged... so if some of you have other ideas for promoting this, please let me know! If you are somewhat "old school" yourself, you can learn about Second Life and even how to join it on this link: Our new website designer, Linda, has done an outstanding job!

Let's show Lance and his team from Second Life how much we appreciate their effort on behalf of Smiling Dog Farms by getting publicity about this event from sea to shining sea!

Press Release

Real Life Meets Second Life:
November 26th, 27th and 28th.

With the innovation of the Internet comes the virtual world, Second Life.

Second Life is a 3d virtual world environment that allows people from all over the world to meet and chat and interact. It is becoming very popular and well known throughout the country and the world. Corporations like Intel, Cisco, CNN, IBM, and many others have placed in world locations in the virtual world.

The live music scene in Second Life has become something of it’s own innovation. Music companies are looking and listening. Several musicians have actually signed contracts and the talent is incredible. It is amazing to have musicians from all over the world be heard by others in a unique forum such as Second Life. There are 3d venues and people come as if they were attending a real world concert.

November 26tth, 27th, and 28th is the big event, called “A WEEKEND FOR LUCAS”. Over 25 hours of live music each day with some of Second Life’s best musicians. To learn more about Second Life and this huge event, go to

Lucas was a dog that was rescued from certain death over a year ago by Robert Cabral from Lucas was abused and neglected most of his life. Finally, Smiling Dog Farms, was contacted and agreed to take Lucas. Lucas sadly passed away since but we know that his last days were his best ones. In his honor we have created this wonderful event, now on our 4th year. All proceeds going to

Smiling Dog Farms is a private animal sanctuary that survives solely on donations. Their efforts to save lives is truly rare in this day and age

This is a wonderful newsworthy story that needs to be told. To bring the efforts of a virtual world to the real world in a positive way can make a difference.

The true hope is that this event can raise awareness not only at the local levels but the national levels as well.

(Jay Hellerich is available for interviews and any specific information you may need at 979-559-1062)

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