Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Buddies, Samson and Miles, Arrive After Two Day Trek Across America!

Miles and Samson are relaxing on the bed at the Galveston beach house. They had a long journey from Hinesville, GA to Texas this past weekend. It took two long days on the road, and an overnight stop along the way, to make it here!

These guys are best buddies. They roamed the streets together. They were picked up by Animal Control together. And they would have died together, if they had not come to Smiling Dog Farms!

This is Miles. He is the extrovert. He loves hugs and gives long, slurpy kisses! He has a wonderful disposition.

This is Samson. He is the quieter one of the two. He also has a great disposition and is happy to be petted and will lean up against you as you fuss over him!

We learned about these guys from Tamatha and Mieke. Both were desperately looking for a rescue for Samson and Miles.

We agreed to bring them to the farm and find a home for them together, so these best friends would always be together.

If you know someone who has room in their home and their heart for two larger guys like Samson and Miles, please have them contact us at .

We created a Chip In Fundraiser for the boys to raise money to build them a townhome and play yard, which Tamatha and Mieke have promised to promote and raise money for their housing. If you'd like to contribute toward their home, please go to

We know it takes longer to place two dogs instead of one. But if you could see these guys playing together and hanging out together, you would know it is worth waiting a little longer to find the right family who can appreciate their relationship.

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Lucy Curzon said...

Yay for Sampson and Miles! Good to see you happy, guys! Loved driving you!