Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elvis Gets Ready to Go to BARC...

This is Elvis. He is getting his bath, preparing to return to BARC, the shelter in Houston. But only for his neuter and vetting so that he will be ready to go to a rescue in Vermont next week!

Elvis came to the farm a week ago with his mommy, Oreo. Both were BARC dogs who needed a foster until they could go to a Vermont rescue which will find them good families. New England has fewer shelter dogs because folks up that way seem to understand the importance to spay and neuter, better than other parts of the country.

So Elvis is in the car, ready to get his vetting and his health certificate so that he can travel to Vermont and find a family!

Elvis and Oreo were out of time at BARC and needed to move out to make room for the waves of new dogs, constantly pouring into the shelter. In a city the size of Houston, the numbers of new dogs coming to the shelter each day is staggering.
We are happy that we can help dogs like Elvis and Oreo by providing them a safe place to wait until they can move on to a rescue which can place them.

Elvis is a really sweet, even tempered dog, just like his mommy, Oreo.
Unfortunately, she has to wait at the farm while we treat her for heartworms. Sadly, she was heartworm positive and most rescues will not take HW+ dogs.
Oreo is taking a holistic heartworm treatment we get from a veterinarian in Florida. It will take her about 6 months and she should be Heartworm free at that point.
Elvis had his operation on Thursday at the BARC clinic and he is coming home this afternoon.
Oreo has cried the whole time he has been gone, so she will really be happy to see Oreo!
Can You Help Elvis and Oreo Stay Together?
If you know someone or have a family already studied who would consider adopting TWO dogs together, I would love to see Oreo and Elvis stay together. They are sweet with one another and very loving. Please email us at or call us a 979-559-1062 if you know someone who might adopt Elvis and his mommy together, so Elvis does not have to go to Vermont without Oreo! We can provide the heartworm treatment Oreo is taking so that her new family could continue her treatment until she is heartworm free!

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