Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Came All the Way from Virginia to Retire at the Farm!

Happy has a problem most of us would probably like to have: She has outlived the expectations and predictions for her lifespan! You can see from her photo that Happy is an elderly gal. That is grey, not white fur, around her face and muzzle!

She was adopted from a Virginia shelter by Evette, who did not want Happy spending her final days alone in a cold, sterile shelter. She brought her home, thinking she might have a few weeks, maybe a few months left. Happy became a beloved member of Evette's family.

There was just one thing... Evette is in the military. She knew she would be called up again, but she also knew it would be a while until she was deployed, and so she would be able to care for Happy and be with her when the end came.

Except the end never came! And pretty soon, Evette was going to be deployed and Happy was still alive and... well, happy! It was one of those "good news, bad news" things... Good news was Happy was still alive, long past the time anyone had ever imagined! Bad news was her mommy was going to have to leave!

And then Evette found Smiling Dog Farms. Of course, we agreed right away that Happy could come here to live out her golden years. Ricky created a Chip In account to raise money for Happy's house construction and her care. ( ) Evette got busy finding friends and family to donate toward Happy's retirement home and care!

Suzanne Young agreed to coordinate a transport to bring Happy all the way from Virginia to Texas, and she signed up more people than I have space to list here, all of whom agreed to spend their time and their gas to drive Happy part of the way. That's the kind of self-less, caring folks who get involved in rescue transport! Midway through the process of organizing the transport, a wonderful benefactor named Kelly offered to buy Happy an airline ticket and even provided the money to buy her a crate to travel in! Happy got to fly here in just a few hours, instead of driving for several days. Everyone agreed this was the best possible outcome for Happy!

Happy arrived when Ricky and I were working on our Galveston property, so she spent a few days at the beach with us! She loved laying in the sunshine and feeling the cool Gulf Breezes blow across her body

In spite of her age, it is obvious in her eyes and in her affect that she is still very much aware of what is going on around her, and she is stil very interested in what life has to offer. Her back legs have begun to fail her, but she gets around using her front legs! She can move all around the yard without any assistance!

We don't know how much time Happy has left. Only God knows that. But Happy will enjoy each day until the end finally comes. She is getting more than her share of turns in the bed right now and is actually sitting next to me in the office while I write her story! At the rate she is going, Happy may outlive us all!! lol

And when the end does come, Happy will be surrounded with people who love her. Just as Evette planned for her and wanted for her!

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