Thursday, October 28, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Thursday, Oct 27

We are still in 8th place nationally!
Please be sure to vote TODAY from every computer you have access to! Please sign up at least ONE new voter TODAY! Just click on the link below to vote:

We're still at .75% and have not moved in days! Ninth and Tenth place are not moving either... they are still at .65% and .64% respectively.

Seventh place is still at .86% so they did not gain on us today, but neither did we gain on them. It is going to take a .12% surge for us to jump up into 7th Place!

Best Friends is still in first place with 1.93%... they are not weakening at all, and continue to climb.

The scariest part is that the Basenji Rescue is gaining ground on us in Texas! Today, we are only 2.29% ahead of them... down from 2.37% yesterday... down from 2.43% the day before! Somehow, we HAVE to get our voters energized...

And we have to get every voter to go find another voter if we are going to start moving forward again!

It is much harder now, I know. When you are competing on a national scale, our competition is getting large numbers of voters every day, just as we are. It takes all our effort just to stay even!

We will keep our votes coming in each day... and trying to sign up NEW voters each day... and see how high we can get!

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