Saturday, October 30, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Saturday, Oct 30

8th Place but IN TROUBLE!

Please vote today and every day on every computer you have access to! And... please... sign up at least ONE NEW VOTER to start voting for us every day! Just click on this link to vote:

We have the same numbers as yesterday nationally. Number 7 is still .86 and we are still .74 --- no change. Number 9 remained at .65 but Number 10 is now tied with them at .65. Someone is moving up... it's just not US!!

The $43 Million Dollar Man is still standing astride the whole contest in 1st Place with 1.94%.

But the Basenji Rescue in Texas -- the ones we were once so sure would never overtake us after we moved ahead of them -- is STILL gaining on us! The spread is now just 2.22%... yesterday it was 2.23% ... day before it was 2.29%... then 2.37... then 2.43...

The Basenji Rescue has shaved .21% of our lead in just 5 days! If we dont do something to start generating more votes and more voters, they will pass us and we will drop out of the Top 10!

It is that bad.

And it is the weekend. When people do not have access to their work computers!

We have got to get our Team voting every day, like we used to. Without that, this contest is lost.

And then we have to get our Team to find NEW VOTERS every single day -- like we used to.

Nothing less is going to keep us in the running!

Sutherelands Home & Garden in El Campo is voting for us every day from ALL SIX computers in their store! (We buy ALL our building materials there because their prices are great and they have superior service! We highly recommend them!) Maybe you can find a retailer in your area where you do business who will help us from their comupter(s) every day!

If you are not currently receiving these daily news emails from me and would like to be added to my database, please contact me at

Please put on your thinking caps and try to find us some new ways to get votes -- some new computers to get online for Team Smiling Dog...

Let's Get Fired Up, Team Smiling Dog! Let's surge ahead this weekend while others rest!

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