Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elderly Orson Finds Health and Home!

This is Orson. He is an older Rottweiler mix from BARC in Houston. He was running out the clock and needed to get out!

You can see that Orson has a pretty serious case of mange. He is missing hair all over his body, and he has a few open, bleeding sores. You can him scratching in this photo.

Orson also has heartworms.

We brought Orson to the farm so we could start treating him for mange and heartworms. We have ordered the holistic heartworm treatment from Dr. Wessner's clinic in Florida for Orson. We are hoping it will be here tomorrow.

This photo shows Orson getting his first sulphur bath, to combat his mange. Ricky just saturates his fur with the smelly yellow liquid, until every inch of skin is covered. We apply Nu-Stock sulphur cream to his face, because it is easier to keep it out of his eyes.

When he dries, we will put Revolution on him. Revolution kills mange and other parasites, including fleas, and it is safe to use on heartworm positive dogs.

Best of all, Orson already has an adoptive home lined up through Cindi, a volunteer at BARC. Orson's new mom is Pam and she lives in Cleveland, TX. She will be taking him sometime next week, and will continue his sulphur baths and his heartworm treatment. Pam is especially fond of the older dogs, and she even cooks for them! She is making a vegetable stew for Orson that will be ready and waiting for him, when he arrives at his new home!

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