Friday, October 29, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Holiday Shelter Challenge Daily Contest Update for Friday, Oct 29

8th Place but LOSING Ground!

Please vote TODAY and every day from EVERY computer you have access to! Please sign up at least ONE new voter TODAY!

For the first time ever, we LOST ground today! Down from .75% all week to just .74% today! Numbers 9 and 10 remained the same, so we lost .01% to each of them.

Number 7 stayed firm at ,86% so now we need .13% to get ahead of them! Earlier in the week, we just needed .11% to move up!

The giant monolith (the $43 Million Dollar Man) in First Place picked up more ground and is sitting at 1.94% today! They gained .01 and we lost .01 so the net difference is they are ahead of us by .02% MORE today than yesterday!

And if that is not bad enough news, the Basenji Rescue continues its assault on us and continues to climb. Today we are separated from them by only 2.23% in Texas... down from a spread of 2.29% yesterday, down from 2.37% the day before and 2.43% the day before that. They are steadily moving up on us and we are not doing anything to stop them!

If we cannnot reverse these trends, Basenji Rescue will soon overtake one of the groups in spot 9 or10 and eventually inch their way ahead of us, stripping us of our #1 ranking in Texas!

We are no longer just STUCK in 8th Place nationally... we are DROPPING!

We need to get our team motivated to get our votes posted daily, and to get our voters to be finding new voters every day!

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Let's get fired up, Team Smiling Dog!

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