Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ella Packs Her Bags for Her New Life!

Ella is getting ready for the long trip from Wharton, Texas to Franklin, New Hampshire! She has an adoptive home waiting for her, with a wonderful new mommy named Tammy.
Ella came to the farm this past summer. A local jogger noticed Ella, sprawled in the hot summer sun on someone's lawn. Ella is blind. So she can only operate on her other senses.
She was clearly lost, and had given up hope of finding shelter and safety. She just laid down, defeated, to die!
Lucky for Ella, the jogger picked her up and took her home. Then she called Smiling Dog Farms, and we agreed to provide Ella with a safe place to live. We contacted the local newspaper to see if her family was looking for her. We checked for a collar tag or microchip, without success.
Because she is a senior, we did not think she was likely to find a family. And we were prepared for her to live out her golden years here with us.
But Tammy saw Ella on our new website and asked about her. We got busy. Our Adoption Partner, Julie from Annie's Angels, contacted Tammy. Tammy completed the homestudy process through phone interviews with Julie and the internet.
Then we contacted our friend Ed from Pets In Need in Dracut, Massachusetts. Ed agreed to have one of the folks from his group do the home visit. Ricky has created a Chip In to raise money for Ella's transport to New Hampshire.
We are all so excited and happy for Ella and her opportunity for a family of her own! Fortunately, she will spend cozy days laying on the sofa watching Oprah in her wintry new home state, and will only have to brave the cold and snow on her forays into Tammy's back yard!! lol
This is truly a dream come true for our sweet Ella!
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Stoodle said...

Beautiful news Miss Ella!

dallasmsl said...

That is so awesome!
This is why I contribute each month. Bless you all.

Cindy Fearon, RYT/LMT said...

How awesome and congrats to Miss Ella! Thank y'all for what you do.