Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cancer Patient Buddy Arrives at the Farm from Sarasota, Florida

This is Buddy. He's about six years old and he has cancer.

Buddy came to us from Sarasota, Florida. He spent most of his life with a family, chained in the back yard with little stimulation. He finally was sent to the Sarasota Humane Society, where he met two independent rescuers, Stephanie and Asli.

It was at the Humane Society that Buddy was diasgnosed with hemangiosarcoma, which is a malignant cancer that attacks the skin and the spleen . The Humane Society had the skin lesions surgically removed, but his cancer diagnosis made him unadoptable.

Working on behalf of the Sarasota Humane Society, Stephanie and Asli asked us to provide hospice care for Buddy. We agreed that Buddy could live out however many days God gave him, here at the farm.

You'd never know Buddy was sick to look at him! Here, he is enjoying the sunshine out on the deck at the beach house in Galveston. He is smiling because he knows he is getting ready to go down to the beach. Buddy likes the water!

We are giving Buddy Paw Paw, a holistic herbal treatment for cancer. There is research that shows Paw Paw has put cancer in remission in many of the dogs treated with it. We are also giving him Petinic, a liquid vitamin to promote overall wellness and help his body fight the cancer.

Dr. Stern, our veterinarian, will continue to monitor Buddy's cancer and look for any signs of remission.

In our wildest dreams, we are hoping Buddy will beat the cancer! Then he can be adopted by a caring family who will appreciate what a special, loving guy he is.

In the meantime, Buddy will live with us at the farm and enjoy every day he has left. He is great with other dogs, and does not seem to have an aggressive bone in his body!

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