Friday, October 29, 2010

Laverne & Shirley's Big Transformation! The Garland Girls Are Ready to be Adopted!

Some of you may remember when Laverne & Shirley came to the farm from the Garland Shelter a few months ago.

They were two pit-mix pups who had a horrible case of mange -- they were missing large patches of fur and had skin lesions with open, bleeding sores. What was worse, they were going to be euthanized because they had mange and no one had offered to take them!

We brought them to the farm and started treating them with sulphur baths and Amoxicillin for the open sores. They also received weekly Ivermectin shots. We put Nu Stock sulphur cream on their faces, because it is easier to keep it out of their eyes than the sulphur bath solution.

Here is Laverne today! She and Shirley are completely healed and ready for adoption! You can see how beautiful their fur is, and what happy, playful girls they are!

Mange can be cured and these babies are the Poster Girls for that! Dogs with mange can and should have a chance to be cured and live out their lives, like these two frisky girls!

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