Friday, August 22, 2008

Dog On The Blog: Stan Tries Hard to Please!

This is Stan mugging for the camera. It was a once-in-a-lifetime shot, because Stan does not sit still that long. This particular day, it was Stan's turn to ride in the car, and he was on his leash and on his best behavior because Stan really enjoys when it's his turn to ride in the car!

A more typical picture of Stan would be a beige blur. Stan gets excited over just about anything. Cats. Other dogs. Roosters. But he is not aggressive. Just excited.

Stan is one of our babies we think has the potential to be adopted. He will definitely need some time in "finishing school" to polish his "rough edges". But Stan is not angry-aggressive -- he is just exuberant on a scale normally reserved for Elton John on stage! He wants so much to please you, but he just can't help releasing all that happy energy!

Stan loves it when you will bend down to visit with him and just hold him next to you, rubbing his tummy, as he stands on his back legs giving non-stop kisses! Stan is a really sweet guy.

Odds & Ends...

We are still collecting donations for Caroline's hospitalization (See blog dated August 3, 2008). Dr. Stern has been extremely patient with us, since we did not have the money with which to pay him! If anyone can help with this $1260 bill -- or knows someone who might be able to help -- please contact Dr. Stern directly at (979) 793-6262 with VISA, Master Card, Discover Card and tell his receptionist your payment is for Smiling Dog Farms - Caroline's treatment. Make sure you email me so I can provide you with a receipt for your tax deductible donation.

Or you can send funds through Paypal at If you use Paypal, please identify Caroline on the subject line.

Or you can mail a check to Smiling Dog Farms, P.O. Box 743, Wharton, TX 77488, and please write Caroline on the memo line.

We are always grateful to the people whose donations make it possible for us to keep doing what we are doing, for the dogs who have no where else to go!

* * *
Speaking of Caroline, she is back to her normal self, now that she is receiving her medications daily for her hypothyroid condition. As long as we control her thyroid, we control her seizures. She still lives upstairs, here in the house. When it is her turn to go outside, she goes barrelling down the stairs through the living room, past the kitchen and out to her play yard, at a pace that would make Stan proud! Coming in, she reverses the process, and going up the steps, she takes three steps at a time!

It is so heartening to see her feeling good again.

* * *

You know you are in trouble with your spouse when he says to you, so very gently and tactfully, "Do you know how many nights this week we have had TV dinners?"

I try to cook something that my mother would be proud of every night. But some nights, working in the office at the computer, one hour just telescopes into the next, and then the next, and soon it is past midnight and I have not started a thing on the stove! That's when I call Marie -- Marie Callender, who is always willing to bail me out!

I will cut this blog short tonight so that I can be more creative in the kitchen!

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