Monday, August 18, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Our Theme for the Week-- Some People Just Need to Be Bit!

This is Roxy Anne.

I had not intended to create a "theme for the week", but writing about Roxy Anne and Kramer back to back does seem like there is a common thread in their stories... and, of course, there is!

Just like Kramer, Roxy Anne had to leave her home because she bit someone.

The difference is that Roxy Anne left a home where she was loved, but her "mom" understood that the only way she could protect Roxy Anne was to move her to a safe place.

Roxy Anne lived with her single mom and another dog in a typical suburban neighborhood in the Dallas area. Roxy Anne had a big back yard to play in with her friend.

One day when Roxy Anne was alone in her back yard, the neighbor claimed that she ran to the fence, jumped into the air and bit him on the shoulder as he was mowing his lawn. Unprovoked. Let's give that mental picture just a moment to form in your mind.

Now I am not saying it is not possible. But after coming to know Roxy, I have a tough time imagining her engaging in that level of gymnastics. Some dogs are agile and energitic and sail through the air. We have a number of dogs living here whom I could see doing something like that. But it is just not Roxy's style, and certainly not her level of agility!

But the guy has a bite mark on his shoulder, and he claims Roxy did it. So Roxy's mom made arrangements to send Roxy Anne to Smiling Dog Farms where she would be protected. If Roxy Anne stayed in her suburban home, and another accusation was brought against her, it is very likely authorities would want to kill Roxy Anne.

I suggested to Roxy's mom that she consider moving out into the countryside, where she could have some space around her and then Roxy could come home! She thought about it on her drive back to Dallas without her beloved Roxy Anne, and when she arrived home, she called me to say that she was listing her house in the suburbs for sale!

So this story is going to have an especially happy ending. Once Roxy Anne's mom sells her house and has another place where she won't have to worry about neighbors, Roxy Anne will get to go home!

Meantime, Roxy Anne has made friends with Caroline, our epileptic girl. Roxy Anne arrived here just as Caroline was recovering from her seizures, and they hit it off and became fast friends! When Caroline goes out to her play yard, Roxy Anne goes with her. Sort of Mutt and Jeff, but a friendship that works nonetheless. The very top photo shows Roxy Anne at the beach in Galveston with her best friend, Caroline!

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