Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Sam Catahoula Is Ready to Go Home!

This is Sam Catahoula. As catahoulas go, he is pretty small. But he is a bundle of kinetic energy and can spend hours chasing a ball or a frisbee!

Sam is ready to go home. To an adoptive home, that is.

Sam came to us as many dogs have. He was out of time at the shelter. He had been there as long as they could give him, but there were other dogs coming in every day, and sooner or later, Sam had to give his space to some other dog.

Mary from Catahoula Rescue had no room for Sam in her program, but we were able to take him here at the farm, so that Sam would not have to die. Mary has been looking for a potential home for him, pretty much ever since he got here.

And now that we have three adoption partners, we are trying to find Sam a home through one of them.

He is a great companion dog. Very loving and loyal, and likes to do whatever you may be doing. He is not really great with other dogs, and he is clearly not fond of cats! But Sam could live in a suburban setting with dogs in neighboring yards and not get upset about it. We have tried to find him a friend, but so far, every potential friend we have brought to meet Sam is greeted with hair up on his back, tail in the full upright "alpha" position, and lips curled -- and not curled into a smile!

So I am thinking that Sam would just be a great "only" dog for a couple or a single person who wants a good companion. I cannot comment on how he is with children, because we don't happen to have any around here! (I prefer dogs!)

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Epilepsy Update On Caroline: Caroline is doing great. If you saw her running upstairs, taking three stairs at a time, you would never believe she had been stricken with seizures just two months ago! (See August 3, 2008 blog)

Unfortunately, we can't say the same for our effort to get her vet bill paid! Dr. Stern has been very patient about his bill. I told him I was sure we would get some folks with a heart for epileptic dogs who would help us get Caroline's bill paid. We owe the vet $1260 for Caroline's care. It was worth every penny, because it meant the difference between Caroline living or dying.

We would appreciate anything you can do to help us get this bill paid. You can donate money by mailing checks to Smiling Dog Farms, P.O. Box 743, Wharton, TX 77488.

Or by going to our website to donate through Paypal, using your VISA or Master Card. Just click on

Or call Dr. Stern's office to donate directly with VISA, Master Card or debit card. Their phone is 979-793-6262. If you donate directly to Dr. Stern, just email me so I can get you a receipt for your tax deductible contribution.

Thank you for thinking about and caring about sweet Caroline!

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