Friday, August 29, 2008

Dog on the Blog : Angelina -- How to Survive As a "Bait Dog"

Angelina survived being a bait dog. It is hard to imagine how. If you look closely at her photos, you can see the multiple scars all over her face and head.

Angelina came with four other "Bait Dogs" from Georgia. (See Dog on the Blog: Jack VI)
Each survived unspeakable torture, being mauled by fighting dogs.

Angelina is diminutive in stature. She doesn't even weigh 30 lb. It is amazing she was not killed as larger, stronger dogs attacked her mercilessly. You can see that her nose is slightly disfigured in this photo. Somehow she survived. But not without scars -- and I don't simply mean the physical scars on her face and head.

Angelina came out of that situation distrusting other dogs. Because of what was done to her, she is ready for a fight with every dog she sees. Her tail is always erect, announcing to the world that she is ready to take on whatever is thrown at her.

This cute little girl who looks so non-threatening is actually more aggressive than just about any of our dogs who live here. It is impossible for Angelina to have a friend to live with, because she is always in full attack mode with other dogs. When she comes out of her yard on a lead, she tries to stop at every yard she passes and pick a fight with the dog(s) inside!
Yet, you can see from these photos that she is great around people. No aggression toward humans, even though she suffered at the hands of humans. That is probably more amazing than her aggressiveness toward other dogs!
Angelina is not a good candidate for adoption. While she could be a great house pet, her hyper-aggressive tendencies toward other dogs could lead to possible confrontations -- and if she harmed a neighbor's dog, with her background, she would be euthanized in a heart beat and authorities would not even think twice.
So our little Angelina will probably live out her life here on the farm, chasing bugs and barking at the squirrels and napping in the sunshine. It's not like living in the den and napping on the sofa. But it beats the life she was leading as a bait dog.

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