Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Hot Fun In the Summertime!

Ahhh... Those summer days...
Well, it has been pretty warm hereabouts the past couple weeks,
and everyone is looking for ways to keep cool...

Maury, Ellen and the Lab Puppies (see Blog for July 8) found a way to keep cool that was a lot of fun... they played in the sprinkler!

Actually, we had not planned to put a sprinkler next to their play yard. It just sort of happened. Some of our hoses have small holes that spray water when our caretakers are going from yard to yard, filling water buckets.

This particular hose had a hole that had grown larger than most. And as the hose lay on the ground, the hole just happened to be aimed right at the Maury "blended family" yard.

As soon as the puppies spotted the stream of water, everyone made a bee-line to get right in the middle of it !

Here we have puppies and tongues and every part of their little lab bodies pushing to get into the water spray. You can see from the top photos that even Maury got into the spirit and positioned himself squarely in the path of the water spray.

Well, it was too cute to ignore, so we dashed into the house and grabbed the camera before we lost our "Kodak moment"... It's sort of a predictable formula -- lab pups and water. But I thought it was worth sharing. You can just tell how much fun they were having in that water spray!

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