Monday, August 4, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Rudy the Red Nosed Pxx Bxxx -- Uh, Make That Terrier Mix!

Rudy came to Smiling Dog Farms a couple of years ago. He was rescued from the "four corners" region, where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all come together. He was running loose and needed someone to help him and take care of him.

The family who rescued Rudy loved him, but Rudy has a problem. He just does not like other animals -- dogs, cats, turtles, you-name-it. If it walks on four legs, Rudy is its mortal enemy!

Sadly, the family who rescued Rudy had other animals, and they just could not take the chance of Rudy harming their other pets -- or of Rudy harming neighbors' pets.

Dogs who are exceptionally dog-aggressive are difficult dogs to keep in suburban settings. Even if a family adopts a dog-aggressive dog and has no other pets, there may be neighbors' pets in adjoining yards who can be harmed through the fence. If a dog-aggressive dog ever gets loose, he will likely harm or even kill any dogs he encounters outside his yard. It is just a dangerous situation -- for the dogs who can be harmed, and even for the dog who is aggressive.

Because once that happens, it is unlikely that authorities will allow the dog-aggressive dog to live.

And if a dog just happens to be a bully breed, he is "dead-dog-walking" because society outrageously stigmatizes these dogs as inherently dangerous. Which, of course, is completely untrue, but once a "wives tale" becomes accepted as folklore and by the media, there is no stopping it -- no matter how ignorant it may be.

We never use the terms pit bull or American bull dog or any other bully breed to describe our dogs, even when they are at the vet's office. Our dogs are all "terrier mixes" to avoid any paper trail which could some day cause them harm, because of the rampant discrimination that attaches to bully breeds like Rudy.

So Rudy came to live with us at Smiling Dog Farms because he is dog aggressive, and it would not be safe for Rudy to be out in society. He actually has one of the prime pieces of real estate at the farm. He is usually the first dog anyone meets, when they park in the driveway and exit their vehicle. Rudy has become our Ambassador, since he is the first living being most people meet when they arrive at the farm!

Rudy is friends with the UPS and Fed Ex drivers, and he is delighted to meet anyone new.

Rudy may hate animals, but he LOVES people! He will happily stand and let you pet him. He will give kisses. He will be your friend for life if you will scratch his butt! And he smiles all the while. Rudy loves bi-peds and bi-peds love Rudy! You can see that these photos were taken when it was Rudy's turn to sleep in our bed recently. Rudy is a great boy!

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