Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Hershey Kisses Are Better Than Chocolate!

Isn't Hershey a beautiful girl? She is a Labrador mix, who came to Smiling Dog Farms from a well intentioned woman who wanted to help dogs, but ended up getting overwhelmed with more dogs than she could afford to care for, or provide adequate living space for. Her babies came here to live on our farm, and Hershey was among them.

She is not fond of other dogs. Or cats. (This is sort of a familiar story by now, isn't it?) But she loves people. Nothing is sweeter than Hershey kisses! And if you will hold her on your lap, she will be your friend forever!

Hershey is another dog who is part of our adoption program. She would be a wonderful "only" dog. Her only other quirk is that she is an agile climber and her yard needs to be fenced with "jumper" panels at the top, to keep her from climbing up and over the top of the fence. A standard 6' wooden fence would probably suffice to keep her home where she belongs! But she knows how to put one paw after another on chain link and climb right to the top!

Hershey is a really sweet girl, who is pretty small for a lab mix. She would make a great house dog and companion dog. She rides in the car really well, and enjoys her outings very much! I think she would be fine with older children, but she is a little exuberant for small children whom she could bowl over with her enthusiasm!
Her happy nature is infectious -- it is impossible not to love Hershey.

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