Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Bosco Just Can't Pass for a German Shepherd!

Bosco came to us from Mississippi. Our friend Pepper has a German Shepherd rescue there.
She went to rescue a German Shepherd tied to a tree, and when she got there, Bosco was also tied to a tree. In the same yard as the shepherd.
Pepper just could not leave sweet Bosco behind, so she took him to her German Shepherd rescue. Bosco must have felt like Jesse Jackson at a KKK Rally, standing out like the proverbial sore thumb among all the German Shepherds!
Pepper tried for a long time to find Bosco an adoptive home. She did everything a good rescuer would do. But the bottom line is that folks don't go to a German Shepherd rescue for a dog like Bosco -- another one of our "terrier mixes"!
So Pepper sent Bosco to Smilng Dog Farms to live.
Now that we have an adoption program, Bosco is one of the charter members! We are hoping to find him a home as an "only" dog. He is as sweet as can be with other dogs -- until feeding time, and then he slips into his pushy, aggressive persona. We have had him with other dogs -- most recently he was with Lillian. But we had to remove Lillian and find her a new partner, because she was beginning to lose weight, because Bosco was guarding the food!
Except for that one small flaw, Bosco is the perfect dog. He is loving and enjoys being around people. We are anxious to find Bosco a permanent home with a family to love him and appreciate him.
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Technical Difficulties: The long space between blog postings has been at the hands of the good folks at Blogspot, not me. This past Saturday when I logged in to write the daily blog, I had a message from Blogspot stating that they believed my blog was spam!! Which is kind of insulting!
They now have some stylized letters at the bottom of the blog which I am supposed to recognize (they are indecipherable!) and if I cannot figure them out, I cannot post my blog.
If this blog gets through, it means either Ricky or I were able to recognize the weird looking letters and type them in... otherwise, the blog will not be posted...
"Testing 1,2,3" was posted by Robert Cabral, our friend and technical advisor out in Malibu, CA... but Robert was able to post that because he has the ability to recognize these goofy letters!
Please keep reading the blog, and I will do my best to get by their censors !

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