Friday, July 4, 2008

Dogs on the Blog: Heelers Celebrate Freedom to Bark on 4th of July!

This is the story of Blue, Belle and Scarlett... three beautiful, bonded heelers whose only vice is they like to bark. Well, they like to bark a lot. Actually, they like to bark at anything and everything, all day long and all through the night, all the time!

The heelers lived with a caring family who took excellent care of them and loved them. They had several acres and the dogs were happy and well behaved. They just barked at things. They barked at birds. They barked at cars. They barked at each other. Blue and Belle and Scarlett didn't really need a reason, they just liked to bark!!

And it didn't really bother their family. But their neighbors were not as accepting. They complained and then they complained some more. Authorities became involved, and finally, the heelers' family had no option but to find them a home, so their barking would not continue to disturb the neighbors.

Their family had the sense and sensitivity not to split them up. These dogs are very attached to one another, and they are a happy family. It would have been emotionally devastating to send them to different places.

So they came here to Smiling Dog Farms. Our closest human neighbor is over half a mile away, so our dogs may bark until they are hoarse if they want to, and no one will ever tell them they can't!

The heelers' family paid for us to build a really large play yard for them. It is large enough that we were able to enclose a tree that had probably been blown over by a storm many years ago, but was not completely pulled out of the ground. So the tree is still alive and growing... it is just growing sideways. This short video shows Belle, Blue and Scarlett on their tree. They really have a ball climbing and playing on it.

We allowed the plants to grow tall in part of their yard, and they have created little tunnels through the brush, through which they chase each other and then jump up onto their tree to continue their chase. Their cottage is right next to the tree, so sometimes they will climb off the tree on onto the roof of their cottage and use it like a roof deck to relax in the sunshine!

If ever you are driving down Hwy 60 very late at night... windows rolled down, enjoying the cool nighttime breezes, luxuriating in the quiet and solitude of the rural countryside... if the silence is suddenly pierced by three bark-bark-barking dogs, that will be Belle and Blue and Scarlett, just letting you know they are here, practicing for tomorrow's bark-fest!

At Smiling Dog Farms, they will never get in trouble and never be threatened by authorities just because they like to bark!

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