Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Millicent and Her Babies Make History!

This is Millicent and her two beautiful babies. Millicent is in the top photo, looking pensively from the door of her cottage. Her two babies are below her. Their daddy was a traveling salesman, and from the looks of it, it seems like he was a wire haired terrier!
Millicent came to us about a year ago from the local Animal Shelter in Wharton. She had been picked up, roaming the streets of Wharton and no one had claimed her. If she had not come to live at our farm, she would have been euthanized.
When Millicent arrived, she did not "show" and we had no idea she was carrying puppies, until one day we heard the tell-tale cries of babies coming from inside her cottage! She had two beautiful baby girls, neither of whom really resembles Millicent!
Millicent and the girls are going to make history for us at Smiling Dog Farms by being the very first babies to travel north to Dallas to be placed for adoption! Next weekend, they will be transported to Kimberly Fairchild, who founded Shelter2Rescue and who is doing adoptions for Smiling Dog Farms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
They will hitch a ride with Mary Griffin, an independent rescuer who is also doing adoptions for Smilng Dog Farms in the Houston area. Mary will take them as far as Centerville (sort of in the center, between Houston and Dallas) where she will meet Kim, who will take them to their new temporary home.
Millicent and her girls will live with Kim or one of her foster families until they are ready to be placed for adoption. Kim and her fosters will help Millicent and the girls learn how to behave properly, so that they will succeed in adoptive homes. I am betting that Millicent will need little coaching. She is a quiet, introspective girl who always tries to please.
Her girls are another matter! They race through their play yard, barking and chasing each other, and having a grand time playing. They will benefit from going to "finishing school" I am sure!
All three of our adoption partners -- Kim, Mary and Dodee and Julie -- are very thorough in their screening of prospective families. They do vet checks. And they follow up after the adoption with home visits to make sure things are going as well as they expected. We are very proud to have adoption partners of the quality of these rescuers!
Next Saturday morning, we will be giving everyone baths and getting Millicent and her babies ready for their history-making adventure. We will miss them here at the farm, but we will be happy that they will have the opportunity to have a traditional family where they will live in the house and lay on the sofa watching Oprah!
You go girls!

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monkeymomSD said...

Congratulations Millie and baby girls. You all must be so excited! Love, love, love the blog!! Take care.