Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cow on the Blog: Edward is Born

These are baby pictures of Edward, Ruby's new baby. The video below and the photo above were taken just hours after he was born! It is amazing how fully formed and complete cows are when they are born, with eyes open and ready to follow their mommy across the pasture!

Ruby belongs to our friend, Burke, who is moving to Belize. We kept his cows and his horses here at the farm while Burke was making preparations for his move. Ruby has been expecting for a long time, and we have been thinking that she would have her baby anytime for the past couple weeks. Ricky has been going out in the middle of the night to check on Ruby and see if she is in labor, and if she might need some help.

But every time he checked, Ruby was just resting.

She finally had Edward in the early morning hours, all by herself. When we awoke, Edward was by Ruby's side, looking like he had been in the pasture for a month!

Burke is uncertain if Edward will make the trip to Belize. He may be too young for such a long journey, so Burke may leave Edward with us, so that Alma Cow will have a friend. Ricky and I worried that Ruby would be heartbroken if her baby was taken from her, but Burke pointed out how even the first day, Ruby will wander across the pasture, far away from baby Edward with little care or worry! Burke says that mommy cows are not overly attached to their offspring!

So I guess we will see. We would love for Alma Cow to have a friend, but we don't want to make Edward or Ruby sad by separating them.

Meanwhile, we will just enjoy having a new baby in the pasture. We remember when Alma was that size and would ride in the car with us and come into the house! They grow up so fast!

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