Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank You, 5 O'Clock Phlock!

Our good friend, Deana Flak, recently organized a pool party at her house for a group of her pals, who call themselves The 5 O'Clock Phlock. Deana's unique twist was to make it a benefit for Smiling Dog Farms!

Everyone who came to the pool party brought items from our "Wish List" of things we use here at the farm for our babies.

And what a HUGE success it was! We received towels, shampoo for dogs, paper towels, disinfectant cleaners, disinfectant wipes, dog food, hot dogs for administering medications -- and some cash. When I met Deana to pick up the things her friends donated to us, it filled up the entire back of our station wagon! (That is our "dog car"... it is a 1994 Buick Roadmaster station wagon that is almost as long as a 747, and equally wide!) There are so many things that we use around here on a daily basis, and it really helps to have them donated!

Deana also sent along a package of bratwurst from the party, but Ricky and I ate that!! : )

We are grateful to The 5 O'Clock Phlock for their generous donations for our babies. And to Deana who is always there for Smiling Dog Farms when we need something!

Jay Hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
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